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This is my first Puerh Tea Post in my Livejournal [Sep. 2nd, 2006|10:36 pm]
Hello everybody!

I am glad to have my own Puerh Tea Blog today to share my Puerh Tea experience with you.
Maybe, I should let you have some ideas of who I am.

I am a private Puerh Tea Collector since 1993.
Most importantly, I am a local Hong Kong citizen.
I am lucky that I was born in Hong Kong and engaged with Puerh Tea when it was not so popular. That means I was able to collect those aged Puerh Tea which cannot be easily accessed nowadays.

I truely believe that learning Puerh Tea is not difficult, however, you must accumulate a lot of experience.

In short, how to appreciate Puerh Tea is experience, experience and experience.
Puerh Tea is an Art learnt through experience.

I hope you will enojoy my Blog in the near future.

It is quite boring to just have text descriptions without viewing any picture, right?
Here we go...
The following Aged Raw Puerh Tea Cakes are one of my series of collections.

You may come to my another Blog: