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Cloud's Tea Collection

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Since I created the "Cloud's Tea Collection - Internet Articles" section in my personal tea photo album website, using this free public blog (it seems a bit difficult for me to control the panel) is not convenient.

Please visit Cloud's Tea Collection at http://www.cloudsteacollection.com.

Should you want to leave me a comment, just write it down here and the system will notify me throught e-mail.

Thanks for coming.

28 October 2007
Cloud (Hong Kong)
Cloud's Tea Collection - Private Tea Album
Puerh, Clouds, Tea, Cloud, Raw

New Cloud's Tea Collection Blog

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Hello everybody,

From now on, I will post and move my blog to
I will not update this blog anymore.

The reason why I establish a new blog is that the blog provided by www.puerh-teapot.com allows me to classify those blog posts in different categories defined by myself. I found this is a very useful and convenient feature. If my readers want to view all the posts about "1980s", the system will lead him to all those relevant posts I marked and classified as "1980s".

Therefore, please come to:

http://www.puerh-teapot.com/blogs/cloud (English Version)
http://www.puerh-teapot.com/blogs/clouds (Chinese Version)

2007-10-28 update message to all:
(The above blogs' severs were closed so that my new blogs no longer exist).

By the way, instead of writing a good blog, I would like to update my own domain

Therefore, click to Cloud's Tea Collection to view the updates http://www.cloudsteacollection.com

If you want to write me something, you may leave a comment here. Thanks.

Cloud (Hong Kong)
Cloud's Tea Collection - Private Tea Album
Puerh, Clouds, Tea, Cloud, Raw

(no subject)

psychopuncture on September 2nd, 2006 09:41 pm (UTC) said,

>hello cloudstea.
>as you probably know, there are many in the puer world who
>are not who they say they are...
>if you are truly who you say you are, welcome. and, if so,
>please forgive me for my bluntness, to follow:
>your post (and your "handle") sounds quite substantially
>like posts on this forum by people of less than savory reputation.
>so, if this is once again j-free/jeffrey or aaron fisher,
>please be kind enough to identify yourself honestly.
>if not, once again, please accept my apologies.

I reply,


Thanks for your reply.

>there are many in the puer world
>who are not who they say they are...

Exactly, you get the point. I think it is normal for you to have such a concern because in the internet

world, it is not easy to verify people's identification and the validity of their contents.
That's true. I totally agree with you.

Besides, I like this kind of attitude of yours. Why? Because when you are told by someone, you do not 100%

believe, but still open yourself to verify the infomation steps by steps or to wait for more information

to confirm the validity of the information. This is a very good attitude to figure out Puerh Tea, in

Chinese we have this statment (translation) "Make a imaginative assumption, then prove it carefully."

I am sorry that I do not know what happen previously, therefore, I did not following this statement: "this

is once again j-free/jeffrey or aaron fisher."

Anyway, I am new to here. What I said is just what I have said. I think people here would better to

believe the evidence I provided in the future rather than just my words. Time will prove.

Back to Puerh Tea, you are right that the information in the Puerh Tea world is not as 100% as you think.
What I mean is that what people told you may not be the correct information about the Puerh Tea,

especially when involving aging year. However, this is the problem not only encountered by the Western's

Puerh World. Even in our Chinese Tea community, it always happens that even some Vendors (I do not mean

those have reputation) did not know exactly the products.

I have taken some photos for you. I chose to take a close up to a box of square tea bricks produced in

1999 and by Xia Guan Tea Factory.

Here we go,
The photos show some of my collection on my bookshelf (Puerh Tea conquers the top two rows).
I collect Puerh Tea just like people collecting wine.
When I took the photos I found one of my good collection, 1999 Xia Guan square tea bricks.
I chose this one to show you this time.

Puerh, Clouds, Tea, Cloud, Raw

This is my first Puerh Tea Post in my Livejournal

Hello everybody!

I am glad to have my own Puerh Tea Blog today to share my Puerh Tea experience with you.
Maybe, I should let you have some ideas of who I am.

I am a private Puerh Tea Collector since 1993.
Most importantly, I am a local Hong Kong citizen.
I am lucky that I was born in Hong Kong and engaged with Puerh Tea when it was not so popular. That means I was able to collect those aged Puerh Tea which cannot be easily accessed nowadays.

I truely believe that learning Puerh Tea is not difficult, however, you must accumulate a lot of experience.

In short, how to appreciate Puerh Tea is experience, experience and experience.
Puerh Tea is an Art learnt through experience.

I hope you will enojoy my Blog in the near future.

It is quite boring to just have text descriptions without viewing any picture, right?
Here we go...
The following Aged Raw Puerh Tea Cakes are one of my series of collections.

You may come to my another Blog: