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Cloud's Tea Collection [Oct. 28th, 2007|12:57 am]
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Since I created the "Cloud's Tea Collection - Internet Articles" section in my personal tea photo album website, using this free public blog (it seems a bit difficult for me to control the panel) is not convenient.

Please visit Cloud's Tea Collection at http://www.cloudsteacollection.com.

Should you want to leave me a comment, just write it down here and the system will notify me throught e-mail.

Thanks for coming.

28 October 2007
Cloud (Hong Kong)
Cloud's Tea Collection - Private Tea Album

From: (Anonymous)
2008-09-30 06:01 pm (UTC)

Some questions involving pu erh

Hi my name is louie siy(wuchabonsiy is my pen name...you will surely know why) ,just a 20 yr old young tea collector here in Chinatown Philippines.
I just wanted to ask some of the puzzling clues i have encountered involving pu erh.
The following are those listed below:
1. We all know that pu erh taste earthy,and have different recipes, do pu erhs with different recipes taste the same(funny you should ask, i haven't tasted the actual tea cakes that I've collected considering how much money i spent with it...the ones i've tasted is either cheap or a different brand of loose pu erh)
2. Why is it that pu erhs are stocked with seven cakes a tong, why not 10,aside from the reason of the name Seven sons, does it have a story behind it?
3. can strong smell of other tea types when put near a box that contain pu erh ruin the smell, isn't it that that they are all teas? (i do collect other types you know,forgive me if you are not into other teas rather than puerh...sorry)
4. we all know cantonese people add or enjoy putting up chrysanthemum flowers with pu erh, are there any more besides the flower be put to a mix with pu er? can rose be considered?(I can always explore other stuff for sometime you know not just by being a purist on pu erh)
5. Is the one called "poopoopuerh" known to you?,it is the excrement of a certain moth insect that eats pu erh teas...which for some reasons are expensive considering brewing it would cost you on about $100 per 5 grams.
Hope you can answer all of them... :D...
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[User Picture]From: cha108
2009-05-08 01:41 pm (UTC)


Dear Cloud! Where in Beijing can I buy your book(books?)? Please, help. My friend now in Beijing. I need all your books about Puerh & other tea, In English.
Thanks. Viktor cha108 Yenin.
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